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Seminar Session One – 12.00PM

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 Seminar Session Two – 14.00PM

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D.  Sponsored by Webroot

‘Building a Better Antimalware Mousetrap in the Cloud’

Conventional antivirus technology has been around since the mid-1980’s. It’s centered on regular updates that try to keep users up-to-date and protected from every new threat.  It’s failed.

The old antivirus model is broken. Why? Survey upon survey shows organizations with antivirus protection still expecting to get infected or breached in 2012.

Why? Conventional antivirus was never designed to cope with 18+ million brand new malware threats per year, and new definition updates are literally out of date before they’re released!

Even conventional antivirus solutions with additional detection layers are finding it difficult to keep-up in today’s instant Internet world.

George Anderson, Senior Product Marketing Manager EMEA, Webroot.